Akil Electronics Systems

At Akil Electronics Systems we design and manufacture High Voltage testing equipment for High Voltage, Impulse & Partial Discharge testing such as

The Software for our products are developed in-house on industry standard Software and Hardware platforms ensuring reliable operation. We also offer the option to customize the software to match your specific needs.

We provide complete solution for setting up high voltage testing laboratories for products up to 765KV class. We provide consultancy over equipment selection & laboratory power supply, laboratory design, installation/commissioning and after sales services for our supplied products.

With 41 year experience in building HV test transformers (formerly as Power Control Equipment Company) and 16 years of manufacturing test instruments, we at Akil Electronics Systems deliver the best solutions for all your High Voltage testing requirements. The company’s proprietor Mr. Kamarajan Jagadeesan has a vast 30 year experience in high voltage testing and is an expert in the field of partial discharge testing.

Besides manufacturing the above products, for our Indian clients we provide EHV grade testing equipment from foreign manufacturers (Series Resonant Transformers up to 2400KV & Impulse Generators up to 4800KV).

Our major customers are high voltage equipment manufacturers like producers of Power Transformers, CT & PT, Bushings, Lightning Arresters, Dry Type Distribution Transformers, Power Cables and many more.

Some of our esteemed customers include

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