Partial Discharge

With more than 15 years of experience in providing Partial Discharge test solutions, PD measurement products from Akil Electronics Systems set performance and quality benchmarks. Our latest computer based PD detector, evolved from observing years of our customer's test workflow, is designed to integrate seamlessly with your production environment. Flexible analysis and data export features built into our software makes it a powerful tool for your R&D work.

Partial Discharge Measurement Software

  • Partial Discharge (PD) measurement system with powerful software and simplified operation
  • Supports advanced analysis and data recording
  • Easy to operate and reliable – saves operational and personnel training costs
  • Measuring Impedances and calibrators for PD test systems
  • Meets requirements of relevant IEC standards

Partial Discharge measurement system - PDC 13

We provide PD measurement solutions for Oil Cooled transformers and PT at variable frequency.

Multi Channel PD test setup for 3 Phase transformers are available from us as well.

3 Phase PD measurement setup - test object is self excited

PDC-13 Catalogue (v2).pdf

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